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 KRM artist management LLC

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About Us

KRM artist management was founded 

in 2018 as an avenue for Kevin's son to

find his way to a recording contract.

       Kevin himself is an accomplished 

musician with his main instrument 

being the fiddle. Kevin has a strong history of touring as well as doing showcases for record labels as well as

booking agents.

          He has strong leadership skills and management positions throughout his musical and working career.

          He is very passionate about what he does and will explore every avenue possible for the artists that he works with. His main objective is to have every artist that works with him find the success that they are searching as well. He holds a certificate in leadership training as well as his certificate in Artist management for the music business. 

      With a very good reputation with several different record labels and a growing team at KRM artist management , the company has the know how and resources available to them to help with booking, and personnel to help land more spotify playlists and is eager for the next opportunity to come his way. 

Please contact KRM artist management and lets help you succeed in your music career.

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 Nedy signs with MC1Nashville

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